2021 – State of the ‘Caleb’ Speech

Hey, folks. Been a while.

Quite a while, in fact. I’ve been fairly silent on the Internet for the better part of the last year, with the only real exception being my recent journey through Genshin Impact – the last video game I’ll ever play. That journey came to its end with the closing of July.

The world’s become an interesting place. I lost my job twice in the last year due to “COVID-related” reasons. The crime and daily life restrictions that arose in the big city forced me to relocate to the countryside. I abandoned nearly “Big Tech” platform that I formerly held services on. My personal business venture (Otaku Central) that I’ve committed the last four years of my life to was closed down. I lost the remainder of my hair due to my genetics. Woo. Hoo.

For everything that I’ve lost, though, I’ve made notable strides towards getting value re-established in other areas. The size of my personal guns and munitions stockpile has increased nearly eightfold. I have the largest living arrangement out in small-town American that I’ve ever had in my life. I have the nicest car I’ve ever had in my life. I feel like I have a firmer, more powerful grasp on true personal self-suffiency than I’ve ever had before. No contest.

And perhaps most importantly of all, I purchased a wooded acreage out in the Indiana countryside with the intent of building an off-grid wood cabin on this property in 2022, and doing so completely alone – using nothing but hand tools.

To accompany the idea of an acreage purchase towards the goal of developing low cost, self-sufficient homestead-style living out in the country in the years ahead, I’ve had to learn a veritable armada of life skills that have largely been lost to the ages. Things like how to grow varieties of crops, how to preserve wood for use in construction, how to dig your own well by hand, the mechanics of building your own root cellar, and many other things that my grandparents would have been happy to tell me about, were they still alive.

My social tendencies have also taken a remarkable turn. In walking away from gaming in 2021, it’s made me realize just how many so-called “friendships” had gaming as the only real “glue” that was holding them together. This, in combination with leaving almost the entirety of my online presence and purchase platforms due to rising censorship and discrimination, has left me with a fairly quiet life with regard to human interaction. I now work 100% remote for employers – a trend that I don’t see changing anytime soon – and it’s further contributed to the phrase I’ve learned quite a bit from in recent months:

“Just like the tallest tree on the hill, a man stands alone.”

It’s pretty interesting, then, that as I’m adapting in this direction to many of the worlds’ ongoing events, countless others are doing the exact opposite. Violence and harsh words run rampant. Government seems to exert a flagrant disregard for human life, and continues to push an agenda geared towards a “New World Order”, with totalitarian authority not dissimilar from the events of World War II. Talk flows like a river in many circles about whether or not to expect a second Civil War, or a third World War first.

Wherever you’re at, it’s my genuine hope that you’ve weighed everything carefully, and managed to find your own slice of happiness and contentment in light of what we’ve all been given to work with.

Speaking for myself, as a result of this personal shift on my part, the general purpose of the ThatGuyFromNebraska site is going to undergo a shift as well. While this website formerly served as a blog-style reservoir for many things that I saw need to share with others (mostly that involved either tech, work, or anime), it’s going to be transitioned over to strictly housing materials and guides related to off-grid living, a little bit of miscellaneous tech that generally leads away from ‘Big Tech’, assistance with navigating some of the world’s hurdles, as well as some occasional stories that I feel would benefit a wider audience.

Much of the old content of this site will be removed, as it was a mixture of outdated, unnecessary, and not applicable anymore to my current pursuits. It’s my hope that the content to be added to the site in the days ahead encourages you, serves as an inspiration, and builds faith in your own goals – much as it’s done so for me.

So, cheers to all those who haven’t given up yet. Who still hold on to their goals. To those who chase their own perspective on the ‘American Dream’. To those who ask the hard questions – and keep investigative journalism alive. And, to those who’ve paid the ultimate price so that others wouldn’t have to.

To the road ahead, wherever it leads,