Hey there. My name’s Caleb.

If someone were to ask me if I could uniquely summarize the entirety of my life in a single sentence, it’d be something along the lines of:

“Somehow in the course of my existence, I cultivated the capability to achieve anything, but yet the capacity to hold nothing – and I’m still trying to find the extent of what that truly means.”

I grew up on an acreage in the country just outside the city limits of Walton, Nebraska – a small town of 298 people. If you’d never heard of it, I can’t say as I’d blame you.

My parents homeschooled myself and my five siblings for our pre-college education, which in addition to all the farm work that needed to be done, meant that I was at home for almost the entirety of each day. In the course of that time, I acquired my first real computer – an Apple eMac G4, and spent a good deal of time on it learning about its “ins and outs”.

Through that computer and the gateway into technology that it opened up for a country bumpkin like me, I’d got it in my head at age 13 that “computers” was what I wanted to do with my life and career. As far as aspirations go, it wasn’t horrible. I mean, a guy could do a LOT worse, right?

While I messed around with some small-scale computer projects in high school such as coding some small websites, building a few PCs, and setting up some home networks for family and friends, starting my IT degree in community college was what really opened the gateway into my life’s summary statement that I mentioned prior.

In 2008, more by accident than by effort, I started to craft the ability in myself to be an avid reader. I’d started to realize that whereas many people would attest that they “learn better by example or by experience”, this wasn’t a scalable model for learning and I needed to find a way to overcome it in order to get an edge in the industry and in life.

That “reading” trait, along with the ability to adaptively learn, has fueled the entirety of my life’s endeavors ever since.

In 2009, I passed Network+ – my first IT certification exam. In 2010, I landed my first full-time IT job. In 2011, I shifted gears and started working for my career’s first Fortune 500 company. In 2013, I started building up money and equipment towards opening my first small business on the side – Martyr’s Cry recording studio. Late 2015 saw the opening of my second small business, Vengeance Guitar Works, focused on building custom music gear. By 2016, along with a team of six others, we began to lay the framework for starting the largest non-profit animation streaming service in the world – Otaku Central.

If there’s one thing I’ve truly learned over the last eleven years, it’s that anything someone could possibly want out of life is more-or-less attainable. That’s not to say that life’s not a trial-and-error journey, or that it will be easy, but it’s forced me to recognize the potential of what a human being is truly capable of if they’re willing to set aside all inhibitions and adapt to overcome any obstacle.

Nowadays, you’ll find me working pretty hard at my day job – a Senior Network Engineer for the Home Depot’s corporate office. With everything going on in America today, I’ve made a notable push in my personal life to get more self-sufficiency and sustainment out of my life, which takes up the majority of my “free-ish” time. If I can get anything left over after that, you can find me working on my acreage in central Indiana, building custom music gear, or power-leveling my cooking skill.

Life’s a limited adventure of sorts, and the more you’re willing to put into it, the more you can hope to get out of it in return.