COVID & Vaccinations

So… COVID. Where to even begin with this behemoth of a conglomerated issue?

Well, let’s start with me. I’m not a doctor, nor have I ever really wanted to be one. I’m an engineer by trade, although I read a borderline terrifying amount of books and resource material on all kinds of science- and technical-oriented tasks out in the world. I generally have a fairly open take on situations, strive to give each perspective and “side” of an issue a fair and reasonable hearing, and tend to align to a moderately conservative moral and ethical compass in how I see the world.

It’s not unheard of for me to give people what could technically be considered “medical advice”, although it really conforms more to “common sense wisdom” than medical advice in my mind. Things like eating a balanced, well-nutritioned diet. Drinking 3-6 pints of water a day. Getting daily exercise. Avoiding harmful drugs, and limiting your intake on legal-but-moderated substances (tobacco, alcohol, etc.) to within reasonable purpose.

In other words… what you’re about to read is an honest opinion at best, but one that tries its utmost to adhere to common logic, cites its sources, and asks some hard questions.

My opinion isn’t intended to give you an absolute answer with regard to your decision on what you see happening around you, but is rather intended to supplement a holistic examination on your own part of everything that you’ve looked into yourself. My verdict is my own, and your verdict is your own – I will respect your right to your own verdict even if it disagrees with mine, and would politely ask that you do the same.

Now then… let’s begin, shall we?


In being frank, the entire situation surrounding how COVID started and how it was treated was very… strange and questionable.

A pandemic-level virus magically comes into existence in China, and is reported to be so lethally toxic that it causes people to effectively drop dead while just out walking on the streets. It supposedly lives on open surfaces for 9+ weeks without dying, and can be openly transmitted through the air, and person-to-person. Lockdowns and international travel restrictions are then invoked on a somewhat global scale in the name of trying to slow the spread of this virus, which doesn’t end up doing much – it still ends up extending across most of the world, and affecting every nation to at least some degree.

After-the-fact, mask mandates were rigidly enacted throughout much of the United States, although fiercely-contested in their effectiveness in slowing a viral spread and with large-scale evidence and case studies, both modern, and from the American Medical Association’s final take on the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu pandemic on the efficacy of masking in general.

The economic effects of the pandemic were very clearly visible – large, corporately-owned franchises grew enormously through the sustained capability of their logistics networks to scale to the shift in channel demands, while small local businesses were forced to close down due to legal restrictions and lack of an ability to shift enough resources to the logistics change quickly enough. 1/3 of all restaurants in the United States closed – many of them never re-opened. Countless small businesses either shut their doors, or filed for bankruptcy.

“Big Pharma” laid claim to billions upon billions of dollars of revenue intake, either from hospitals, pharmacy visits, medicine and supply prescriptions, or vaccine development and issuing.

And, most interestingly in the eyes of a humble engineer who grew up on a farm in rural countryside Nebraska, no one was publically allowed to question any of this. Anyone who tried to question the government was immediately blacklisted from “Big Tech” as spreading dangerous misinformation. Anyone who questioned the science community was told to “trust the science”, and then shut up. Anyone who questioned the mainstream medical narrative was immediately asked: “Are you a doctor? No? Then be quiet – and leave this to the doctors!”, even though thousands of doctors were banned and blacklisted from communication and/or their practices because they wanted to simply debate the narrative.

The whole thing was extremely strange. So much “smoke and mirrors”. So many authoritarian-esqe policies. Such a stamping out of freedom and the right to freedom of speech. Freedom of information. Freedom… in its entirety.


For us to understand what really happened here, we first need to understand what this creature called “COVID” actually is. I’ve attached a copy of the original source material citation for this information to this page, as the original was forcibly removed due to claims of “misinformation” from the major tech platform it was posted on. Since its removal, a number of doctors have privately spoken to its truthfulness on free speech platforms such as Gab and other resources. I’ve also personally consulted with workers in the medical industry in private, and they’ve found no immediate faults with this information.

Some of the article will be paraphrased and typeset in my explanation, with some other sections copied verbatim. I’ve added a few additional sections of my own for needed citation, as well as background clarity.

Put simply, COVID is a virus that contains two spike proteins. We’ll call them ‘S1’ and ‘S2’. The virus itself does some harm, which is different than the damage the spike proteins do.

The virus itself functions similarly to malaria in terms of mechanical execution within the human bloodstream. It rips the hemes off of your hemoglobin (the part of your red blood cells that transport and carry oxygen throughout your body, and also contain iron particles), making it so that your blood isn’t able to transport oxygen to your organs. This is why COVID causes organ failure, as well as low oxygen levels.

This is why Hydroxychloroquine, while much-maligned by the mainstream medical community in use against COVID, generally works against this virus. It prevents your hemes from being torn off your hemoglobin, which is what it’s always done, medically speaking. When your hemoglobin is otherwise ripped apart, you end up with free-floating hemes in your blood that are toxic to you, as well as radical iron particles from your destroyed hemoglobin that your liver now has to remove, and when your liver gets overloaded in doing this, the iron particles eventually make their way to your lungs, resulting in your lungs becoming inflamed and filled with fluid. This is also the reason why ventilators don’t work against COVID – people are breathing just fine; they are low on oxygen because they are low on usable hemoglobin – and no amount of mechanical-aided breathing can increase the amount of oxygen the blood can absorb if your blood doesn’t have hemoglobin with which to absorb it.

The second side of COVID is the spike proteins that the virus contains. When you get infected with COVID, the spike proteins go around infecting certain cells and injecting viral RNA (which is a set of temporarily cellular instructions) and subsequently duplicating the virus. It normally takes about one week for the human body to recognize that the virus is doing this, and evoke an immune response.

When this happens, your body sends a bunch of Classical Monocyte cells to kill the infected cells. The spike proteins are eaten by the Monocytes, and “should” be destroyed inside of them, and then the Monocyte will undergo cellular apoptosis and die. This works for the ‘S2’ spike protein, but not the ‘S1’. The S1 protein is being eaten by the Classical Monocytes, but is making the Monocytes change into Intermediate and Non-Classical Monocytes instead, and the S1 protein is NOT being destroyed in them because they’re then refusing to undergo apoptosis and die. Normally, these Monocytes only live for 1-7 days, but the Non-Classical Monocytes with the S1 protein in them are not dying for up to 15 months or more. Dr. Bruce Patterson is leading the research on this.

So even after your body has killed off the COVID virus inside you, you still have a bunch of Monocytes presenting the S1 protein. These protein-bearing Monocytes can pass through the blood/brain barrier, and go anywhere in your body. They are causing vasodilation (increased size of blood vessels) throughout the body, inflammation of blood vessels, and nano clotting – especially in the capillaries. These nano clots and inflammation can cause heart attacks, general fatigue, and all sorts of problems. This is what is sometimes referred to as “Long Haul COVID”.

If you’ve either had COVID or know someone else that has, you recovered from the virus months ago, but still experience regular and unexplanable fatigue or lack of energy throughout the day for no obvious reason, these S1 protein-infected Non-Classical Monocytes still inside you are almost certainly why.

It’s important to bear in mind that what the virus does and what the spike proteins do are two completely different things. Your body responds by creating antibodies that will recognize and destroy the spike proteins (which neutralizes COVID’s ability to replicate, which ultimately kills COVID). But, the spike protein symptoms (vasodilation, inflammation, and nano clotting) are not what the virus itself does (destroys your hemoglobin).

Now, with regard to the vaccines. The vaccines inject either an adenovirus or graphene oxide (toxic to humans in high doses, but in small doses, usually processed by an enzyme in the lungs within 2-3 weeks) into your body. Graphene oxide has electro-magnetic properties, possibly lending credibility to the myriad of videos that surfaced online that supposedly showcased “magnetic” tissue after receiving the vaccine.

The vaccine either had spike proteins in it (Pfizer and Moderna) or causes your cells to begin producing spike proteins via mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Astrazeneca, and all others with the exception of Novavax). This causes your body to have an immediate immune response and begin producing antibodies against the spike proteins. This does make your body effectively immune to COVID if it worked properly. But, it doesn’t for the one simple reason that we previously touched on:

The S1 spike proteins being eaten by your Classic Monocytes are still being turned into Non-Classic Monocytes (which should normally die in less than a week) that aren’t undergoing cellular apoptosis, and are therefore never dying. These S1-presenting Monocytes are then going throughout your body and causing long-term symptoms and damage, and harming your immune system’s ability to react to future mutations of the COVID virus, as well as other viral strains.

IF you could force these Non-Classical Monocytes to undergo apoptosis and die, the vaccines would work as-advertised (with the exception, of course, of further studies needed as to the graphene oxide contained within them). Dr. Bruce Patterson suggests using options from a matrix of several drugs in sequence to achieve the desired goals indepently of a vaccine. Firstly, use Ivermectin to kill the virus itself (has less known possible side effects than Hydroxychroloquine), then use Statins to prevent S1 spike proteins from attaching to your cells, and finally one of several drugs (the most readily-available of which, interestingly, is nicotine) to induce Monocytic apoptosis. When the S1-presenting Non-Classical Monocytes undergo apoptosis, the spike protein is destroyed, and the nano clotting, inflammation, and fatigue all go away.

As a side comment, this is why smokers have been medically proven to test positive for sustained COVID symptoms 80% less than the rest of the general populace – the nicotine effectively renders them immune to the effects of the S1 spike protein, and thus the majority of COVID’s long-term symptoms.

So, the question needs to be asked: Does the vaccine work, and why are COVID and its variants still infecting and killing people? Simply put, as your body is introduced to more and more COVID virus and/or vaccines, your body is going to begin to build up a larger and larger reservoir of very harmful S1-presenting Non-Classical Monocytes. These cells, in high number, will eventually kill you. So, if you had COVID and haven’t otherwise done anything to kill off these Monocytes within their abnormally-extended lifecycle, you have a reservoir of them already. If you get the vaccine, you now have even more. If you get a second or third shot, or encounter other people with COVID, you’ll get even more and more until the buildup eventually causes you to die – unless you do something to induce apoptosis in your Non-Classical Monocytic cells.

So, to be rounded in our verdict, the vaccine isn’t useless. It does immunize people against COVID as a virus, but it works towards destroying their immune response capability by creating a reservoir of S1 protein-presenting Non-Classical Monocytes that reduce the body’s ability to produce antibodies to fight off future COVID infection. If you induce apoptosis in your Monocytes, then the vaccine as a virus defense does indeed work, and is not overly dangerous aside from the further needed study towards graphene oxide content mentioned previously. As it is right now, the vaccine is immunizing people against COVID, but then putting their body in a state where it will struggle considerably to fight off future COVID variants, as well as many other pathogens.

On the flip side, the vaccine does have the potential to kill you; either immediately (via an effect such as blood clotting), or long-term via a buildup of S1-presenting Monocyte cells. But COVID can do the latter by itself, anyway, if you’re exposed to enough viral load over the months/years that your S1-presenting Monocytic cells manage to survive inside your body.

In our study, the best response and defense you can have against COVID is multi-factor, and consists of the following:

1. Do your utmost to maintain a healthy weight, proper exercise, proper nutrition, supplement Vitamin C and Zinc for immune health, etc. – give your immune system and metabolism the best possible starting point it can have against an infection.

2. If you’re infected with COVID, try to obtain some human-grade Ivermectin, as well as Nicotene lozenges (or smokers’ products for after immediate recovery, if you’re of age and so prefer). Take things slow and easy in isolated comfort of your own home setting (or in a medical care practitioner’s setting, if a serious case) – give your body the time, and everything else it needs to power through the virus.

3. Using both of the aforementioned principles in tandem, it’s readily possible, if not expected, for those in non at-risk demoprahics to survive COVID without any hospital stay, vaccinations, or long-term side effects.


So, there you have it. It’s a long explanation, but COVID is a surprisingly complex, multi-faceted virus. That being said, like all viruses at the end of the day, it’s operation is mechanically explanable and once understood, appropriate actions can readily be taken to face off against it with relative success.

In my personal take, it’s important to understand that the workings of a virus such as this are absolutely 100% explanable once observed, studied, and thoroughly documented by those in the fields of science and medicine. COVID isn’t some magical “pixie dust” that spreads at will and no one’s ever able to control it – it’s a finite virus, with a finite set of operational instructions, variants, and attack/symptom vectors. Expected survival rate against it should naturally be quite high, as long as the action points above are implemented with due diligence.

The questions that this study leaves in my mind are simply this:

Why is the coronavirus never talked about this way in the mainstream news, mainstream media, or in other public sources? By contrast, why is it often spoken of as if it IS some sort of mythical, magical thing – with frequent contradictions in explanation and treatment that seemingly always somehow end up pointing towards an end goal of increased control of the general public, over-reach of government, mass fear and paranoia among the general populace, enormous revenue intake by the world’s superpowers and mega-corporations, and the possibility of seemingly endless lockdowns?”

A curious thing, indeed. Hmm.


For me, after learning much of this information, I started smoking my pipe twice daily as opposed to my normal routine of smoking just once on Saturdays for weekend relaxation. The idea was to do this for 2-3 weeks, and see if it passively cleared up the random fatigue I’d had for months since I’d come down with COVID in 2020.

Much to my interest, it did.

Next, I had some private conversations with some friends and family members who I knew were also experiencing strange fatigue off-and-on for some time since the pandemic began. Some of them took to smoking cigars regularly for a while, while others procured nicotine lozenges to take for a short time period. The test had been laid out – does nicotine actually force Non-Classical Monocytic cellular apoptosis and get rid of COVID’s long-term symptoms and inherent danger?

The verdict in nearly every use case I’ve heard back on: it seems to, yes.

In a separate test, I took every personal example I could think of within my immediate circle of contacts, friends, and family of someone who’d lost their life with COVID being labelled as the determining cause of death, and examined what similarities existed between all of these mortalities. Several similarities immediately stood out:

All of them were obese. All of them, from my understanding and from consulting with their families, had terrible nutritional intake. All of them had terrible or nonexistent daily exercise patterns. Some, but not all, carried pre-existing medical problems that were arguably caused by obesity at least in part.

Consulting with official records from the state of Indiana’s COVID assessments, I found several other very interesting statistics:

Statistically, 93% of COVID fatalities in the entire state were over the age of 50. Of those 93%, the entirety of this number either possessed a pre-existing moderate health condition that in most medical practicality could have been avoided via lifestyle changes (obesity, lung cancer due to excessive tobacco use, high cholesterol due to poor diet and exercise, etc.), or was simply on the natural high side of that age range; such as being over age 70.

The remaining total fatality number consisted of a 6% that was below the age of 50, but appeared to either possess a pre-existing medical condition, and/or was obese. Only the final 1% was where the statistics began to get relatively vague, and causes began to dribble out out into a small pool of other miscellaneous categories.

Another interesting observation was that broken out by individual counties in the state, reported case numbers and fatality numbers were almost completely flat, relative to the per-capita population level in each county. This is particularly significant because while on paper, there was a statewide mask mandate in place for over a year in the state of Indiana, I can vouch from firsthand experience as well as other eyewitness accounts that this was only actually carried out in the four counties in the state that historically vote “Blue”, as well as contain the state’s four most populous cities. “Red” counties outside of these major metro hubs didn’t largely care about the mask mandates, and life continued much as normal for the rural populace. What this ultimately means in technical terms: statistically, the public mask mandates in the state of Indiana did marginally above nothing in terms of practical benefit.

As I said at the beginning of our discussion – I’m not a doctor, and I don’t claim to be one. I’m just a normal, everyday dude who reads a lot of books, likes looking at data, and asks some hard-hitting questions from time to time.

So, let’s take a look at some of those hard-hitting questions before we look at our final conclusion, shall we?


As I’m sure many of you have been told (and some of you may very well have argued personally), “Masks slow the spread of the virus! The studies and news media say so!” While my physical appearance may be deceptive in this regard, I’m not as dumb as a rock – I’ve plainly seen many of the colorful posters, flyers, and adverts being thrown around the mainstream media everywhere that tell us all to wear masks constantly, get as many vaccines as we possibly can, and stay away from the mean, bad people who tell you otherwise.

I’ve seen the “Kool-aid” being passed around. I’ve seen many others lap it up. We all have.

So, the first conversation thread that I usually ask the purveyors of these things, as necessitated by a largely-fruitless search for such data on my own part, is simply this:

Caleb: “So, the news showed that all of these studies, in effect, prove that mask mandates work in not only slowing the spread of COVID, but also in preventing it from infecting other people, right?”

Mask Advocate: “That’s right! Thank heavens you finally understand!”

Caleb: “Well, OK. Mind if I ask who produced the study on the news you’re referencing? Can I see the dataset that they based the study off of? Was the use of demographical diveristy holistic enough in it to produce a sufficiently-overarching result?”

Mask Advocate: “Well, I actually don’t know who produced it. But I’m sure you can find it out on the Internet!”

Caleb: “I actually can’t. I’ve looked high and low for this study and its relevant data, and I can’t find it anywhere. All I can find are a small handful of studies with extremely small sample sizes and no demographical diversity, or a colorful summary of a supposed “study” with no reference anywhere of where the actual dataset for the study is, let alone the study itself. If you can present the study that you’re referencing, I’d be happy to look at the relevant data and let it speak for itself.”

Mask Advocate: “No problem – let me find it quick, and get back to you.”

Never once have I had this conversation with someone and have them actually get back to me, or offer a sound rebutal. If you’d aim to be the first, I’d certainly welcome your input as well as an opportunity to look through the data put forward. You’d think that with the number of people throwing metaphorical fingers in my face on a regular basis and ordering me to “Trust the Science!”, the least you could do for me is allow me to see said “science” – the same way I shared the writeup on how COVID works with you all previously in this article.

Another extremely hard-hitting question, and a heavily politically-incorrect one to ask, at that, is whether or not people are willing to stubbornly hold on to their own personal obesity after seeing inumerable studies (as well as a common sense outlook on life, in my opinion) that show the direct correlation between obesity and COVID-related death. Objectively speaking, this is a tougher hill to climb than those of us who’ve never truly struggled with this are perhaps willing to consider.

At the time of this writing, we’re on the cusp of September 2021. For those in the United States, it’s been just shy of 17 months since everything COVID-related started for us over here. The populace has had 17 months to rationally, logically, see the direct statistical correlation between obesity and COVID fatalities, and make a positive change in their own lives to avoid this risk for themselves. Few have.

In talking with others about this, it’s a touchy subject to bring up. I’ve tried subtlety. I’ve tried encouragement. I’ve opted for the “buddy system” or “accountability group” approach with others. I’m not below the idea of pleading out of humility. I’ve had almost no success overall.

By contrast, as anger, complacency, or hostility is expressed towards me for suggesting something to others that would literally improve every aspect of their life in addition to adding to their life expectancy by at least 5-10 years, I’ve received almost constant accusation and criticism to wear a piece of cotton cloth over my face, and get the vaccine multiple times. “The rest of the world around me has to change because I refuse to do anything prominent towards invoking my own personal change” is what I’m taking away from a lot of these conversations. You’ll also commonly find, due to no small coincidence, that this mentality tends to characterize multiple and far-reaching aspects of these individuals’ lives in other areas, beyond simply something directly related to COVID.

I suppose this is the ultimate price that we, as a culture, pay when we try to shame the idea of personal accountability for entire demographics based off of concepts such as “victimhood” and being “under-privileged”. Personal accountability falls by the wayside, followed by group accountability, then demographic accountability, then society as we know it begins to exhibit stress fractures from the general quality levels of its inhabitants having lowered to the point that the previous level of societal functionality can no longer be maintained. We’re actually seeing this whole transformation play out right in front of us, although that in itself is a discussion for another day.

Moving on, the final question we really need to be asking is: “What’s the bigger picture, here?”

We can observe several simple truths, purely by looking around us in the world. Firstly, everyone knows that the virus originated in China, but yet any and all efforts to determine who/what/when/where/why via a formal investigation have been moderately stamped out. Not even the Chinese government itself in terms of its public presentation seemingly wants to get to the bottom of things. Pretty odd, if you ask me.

Secondly, constant information shifting and lack of holistic information about the virus and its effects (not to mention the vaccines) is being presented by the United States government, and most other NATO powers. One could readily go so far as to argue “misinformation” on the part of the government for COVID. With what we know now about how the virus functions and how best to control it, government and Big Pharma are trending in the exact opposite directions in terms of their directives on what the general populace needs to do, with Big Tech to readily censor and deplatform anyone who dares disagree with the story narrative. Also quite odd.

Thirdly, those pushing the narrative are the only ones who are largely profiting from it, or their business connections are largely profiting from it – while everyone else is taking net losses in most areas. Mass consolidation has occurred in the economy due to logitistics constriction, with Corporate America making out like bandits, while small-town “mom and pop” shops are forced to close their doors. And, per Big Tech once again pushing the showcase agenda here, you will be censored and deplatformed if you dare question any of these measures.

I trust you can see the commonality at this point. Every world power in human history that was setting up for the initial stages of either enforced socialism or enforced communism has played this same game. It’s often marketed under different guises, such as a setup for the action needed in World War II, or possibly a necessary cultural revolution to overthrow a government that’s painted as corrupt, or even a pretense for a looming national Civil War.

In each situation, the play-by-play gameplan was always the same. Get society to revolutionize with a willingness to exert force, begin setting the stage for a marked divide among the populace based on subjective criteria; the criteria don’t even have to be objectively true, it’s more a matter of just getting enough of the people to believe that they’re true just long enough to get them to take down the establishment so that you can sieze power in the gap that follows. All the while, you need to control all of the information and communication platforms so that so one can voice a disagreement; you need any dissenters to geuinely believe that they’re alone on an island so that they can’t rally together, or be too afraid to act. Any that slip through the cracks need to be systematically snuffed out.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t suspect that a “New World Order” based around some kind of a neo-socialism or neo-communism model was what all of this was ultimately heading towards. The warning signs are all there. We’re already seeing it in other countries around the world that have disarmed their populations prior (see attached).


Thankfully, there is an upside to everything that’s happening around us.

Once I left the big city and moved out to the countryside, life largely returned as it would have normally been for me pre-COVID. No masks. No anger. No hate. Just people living their lives in relative peace and comfort.

However, an air of forboding hovers over everything, because we all know that things are eventually going to come to a head for the American people who see things the way we do. We know that we’re sitting in the calm before the storm. We know that the tide is coming.

For months now, many Americans have been abandoning the over-scaled and crime-infested metro areas of the United States, and been retreating to the rural countryside. Many have found new work. Many have developed self-sufficient, farmstead-style living measures. Many are now homeschooling their children.

Others have begun work on removing their dependence from Big Tech, and mega-corporation-owned supply chains by starting to develop an “Alternate Economy” – an economy built around American-produced goods and services, sourced locally from the communities and neighborhoods that we call home. An economy that grows its own crops, raises its own livestock, forges and welds its own metal goods, sells and trades directly to its recipients with no middleman, and is largely independent of external supplies or resource injection.

Gun ownership among the American people is at the highest in recorded history. A general distrust of the current situation as well as many of the recent goings-on in the geo-political realm have given rise to an arms race among the citizenry that’s caused quite a bit of personal encouragement on my part. With several military veterans in my neighborhood alone, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be involved in any riot/vandalism shenanigans in the near future.

For me specifically, the advice I can give is basic, and self-explanatory.

Do whatever you need to in order to eliminate your outstanding debt, if you have any at this point. Diversify your income options in the event you’re forced to rapidly change job fields (I’m currently going the route of getting my CDL to do this). Immediately look into leaving a major metro area if the metro is your current residence. If you don’t own one already, get at least one gun; if your state doesn’t let you own a gun, move out of state and buy one. Homeschool your children. Start stockpiling non-perishable food and supplies.

In terms of COVID directly, make your own decision on vaccine usage and course of action. For me, I’m not going to be vaccinated until the long-term effects of its use can be noted, and the general public is given some answers to the many outstanding questions as to what’s in it, and what it specifically does (or does not do). I’m willing to quit my job to avoid getting vaccinated. Medically, I see no reason for this to be pushed upon people in such authoritarian fashion with such little explanation.

As always, look to the bigger picture. Take a step back, and ask yourself “Why is this happening?”, “Why would someone seek to do this?”, and “What are the interested parties profiting from in regard to what I do?”.


I don’t know what the future holds. In terms of COVID as a threat, I largely don’t care about its effect on me. I’m 31 years old, in excellent physical and nutritional health, and am in no danger from this virus – especially with the working knowledge of how it operates.

As I gravitate more and more towards living off-grid out in the countryside, I’ll be given a lot of mental downtime from having to directly worry about anything related to a virus. Which is a good thing – because, was this REALLY all about a virus in the first place?