Genshin Impact – A New Play Community

With my Otaku Central organization venture sitting on the back burner right now, with no real end in sight, and with the throes of the remains of our frigid winter wearing on me and preventing work on my acreage from getting done, I had a decent amount of time on my hands to take on a new project.

There was also the consideration of working in a part of the country where I didn’t really know anyone, was mostly going through life on my own, and the lack of a regular social outlet was slowly making me go mildly insane.

A new life outlet was in order, at least as something that could keep my occupied for a while until I had the resources and money to start focusing heavily on my off-grid living project out in the country.

The candidate that ultimately won out for me was an open-world RPG game from Chinese developer ‘Mihoyo’, Genshin Impact.

Let’s start off with the basics. This game is breathtakingly amazing.

The gameplay is engaging and pace-set very well. The underlying mechanics are fairly complicated and make for a very good scaling development as players learn how to better hone their character’s kits to tackle things in the later game. The soundtrack is magnificent (so amazing, that I actually built a custom guitar amp in honor of it).

It became apparent, however, in the course of transitioning into the mid-game with it that I was in need of help with various aspects of the game’s functions by way of cooperating multiplayer. Interestingly, I had great difficulty in getting reliable help for the things I needed assistance with, mostly due to obstacles with poor player community support for helping others out, and a lot of spotty information being passed around in various guides.

After going through 30+ Discord groups and not getting consistency, the impression I was under was that if I wanted to get a reliable playerbase community around me for general assistance and help, I was going to need to take the initiative to start towards such a community, myself.

After talking to the small handful of really solid people I’d met through playing the game, and gauging interest in putting something together on more of a community scale, the Sons of Dvalin player community was born – and with, a new web frontend was created for this community, as well as a weekly stream on the Twitch platform for entertaining and informational content produced by the community.

Our website is viewable at, with our Twitch stream aired each Friday at 7PM EST on

In the spirit of seeing where this road leads, I’ve committed to this community venture through the end of 2021, and will evaluate it once more at the end of the year to see if it’s something I want to stick with based on community size and interest.

If you’re into Genshin Impact, and you’ve been looking for a group of kind, courteous people to help supplement a great gaming experience with an even greater co-op multiplayer experience, definitely check us out.

“Let the wind lead.”

Caleb Huggenberger is a 31 year-old systems engineer, old-school guitar and amplifier builder, and Eastern culture enthusiast. Outside of long work days, he enjoys electronics engineering, cast iron campfire cooking, and homesteading on his acreage in the Indiana countryside.

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