Off-Grid Cabin: August 2021

Making slow, but sustained progress on the cabin project out in the country. My day job has been bogging me down considerably in terms of free time in the last couple of months; really looking forward to my current contract being over so I can get more time to spend out in the woods.

All of the needed trees for the big dirtwork project to begin have been felled, with one exception – the big Pignut Hickory at the front of my land. It’s going to be a full days’ work to drop that big tree, and I’m specifically waiting until we get really good weather on a Saturday that I don’t have to work to bring it down. Once it’s down, it will completely open up a good 4-6 hours of daytime sunlight on both the berry/herb garden, and the spot towards the front for the solar field.

I’d like to get a cool, rainy weekend in the near future to do another round of firewood splitting; I’m nearing the end of the gigantic firewood run that this summer turned into, and the end is finally in sight. I’ll need to get a canopy shelter built up at the top of the hill before the end of the year to get this split wood at least partially covered going into the winter.

Still a mountain of work left to do, but the property is looking significantly better. My neighbors that aren’t offended by the mere thought of me (which I still can’t explain to this day) have commented that things are really starting to look relatively clean, and the way is paved for building to at least be draw up – possibly yet this year.

Oh well. Once a line item gets done out here, it’s on to the next one. Wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

Caleb Huggenberger is a 31 year-old systems engineer, old-school guitar and amplifier builder, and Eastern culture enthusiast. Outside of long work days, he enjoys electronics engineering, cast iron campfire cooking, and homesteading on his acreage in the Indiana countryside.

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