Off-Grid Cabin, May 2021

We’re finally getting into the Summer of 2021, and it’s building season out at the acreage in the Indiana countryside!

Here’s a photo collage of my recent progress, and also to give those who are interested a bit of an idea of what I’m currently working with.

View from the front of the property, looking slightly left. It’s nothing but solid forest right now, minus a few spots that have been thinned out.
View from the front of the property, looking slightly right.
Creek that runs the entire front length of the property. This is the right side.
Left side of the creek.
Fire pit, and wood pile to match. I use this for cooking, or just for warming up if it’s chilly outside.
Going slightly further up into the center of the property. Some downed trees that still need to be cleaned up.
Wood pile that I split on the last weekend of April. There’s going to be plenty of firewood for the next couple years out here.
Center of the property, looking left. The tarp is covering the hole in the ground where I’m currently in the process of drilling my well at.
Center of the property, looking right. The shed off in the distance is my neighbor’s, and is just over the property line.
My main firewood piles, up at the back rear of the property. There’s a bunch more that isn’t pictured here, as well.
In terms of natural farming and resources, I do have wild krayfish down in my creek to catch and eat.
I’ve found five wild gooseberry bushes out on my property so far.
Plenty of mayapple plants growing all over the place!
Wild chives!
Caleb Huggenberger is a 31 year-old systems engineer, old-school guitar and amplifier builder, and Eastern culture enthusiast. Outside of long work days, he enjoys electronics engineering, cast iron campfire cooking, and homesteading on his acreage in the Indiana countryside.

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